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The Potential Investor & Board of Directors

Subject:Invitation to Invest Into R Hospitality Inc Worldwide.

We at R Hospitality Inc, A multidimensional hospitality consulting and Development Company under the law of India Would like to invite potential investors to invest.

The brief about the kind of services and product is mentioned in the company’s catalog and corporate website and I would appreciate your management team would take a look at this invitation opportunity put forward by R Hospitality Inc and accept it.

As a startup company we are looking at growing and becoming as an innovative and to be recognized first and the only multidimensional hospitality consulting and development Company globally. We see that there is a huge potential and opportunities for the kind of services and products which we offer. The company has a global vision for growth.

We as a company are open for following options of legal investment options into the company through:

a) Invest into the company through partner program option by bringing in funds for certain period of time
b) Invest into the company by nationalized banks & other public & private sectors for specific period of time
c) Invest into the company through FDI/FII options
d) Invest into the company through Venture Capital options
e) Invest into the company through Private Equity options
f) Invest into the company through SME NSE IPO options
g) Invest into the company through ADR NASDAQ options

Together we succeed!

Yours Sincerely

R Hospitality Inc.

#69/12, Intl Airport Road, Yelahanka, Bangalore - 560063, Karnataka, India