FRESH & FROZEN Product Development

Fresh and natural ingredients - RO-purified water - Traditionally prepared - No preservatives

The food service industry is fierce and fast-paced. Boost your core business with innovative menu items and streamlined processes that increase ROI from the start.

We incubate new and exciting restaurant concepts, providing insight, guidance and hands-on tools that turn great ideas into profitable businesses. For restaurants that are already up and running, an experienced consultant’s perspective reveals missed opportunities to improve your financial performance or set your organization up to scale

Our experienced food service team helps you take your F&B business to the next level. Whether through menu innovation, improving operations or strengthening your brand strategy execution, our seasoned food and beverage industry expertise identify specific ways to capitalize on your strengths and correct your weaknesses, then stay by your side as you take action.

  • Fresh and Frozen Samosa (Veg, Fish, Prawns, Chicken)

  • Fresh and Frozen Momos (Veg, Fish, Prawns, Chicken)

  • Fresh and Frozen Nuggets (Veg, Fish, Prawns, Chicken)

  • Fresh and Frozen Burgers Patties (Veg, Fish, Prawns, Chicken)

  • Fresh and Frozen Marinated Fish cubes and Marinated Fish fillets
    Fish: Red Snapper, Tuna, Seer, Pangasius, Leatherjacket, etc

  • Fresh and Frozen Marinated Shrimps and Prawns

  • Frozen Thick Vegetable Gravey (Red, Green & Yellow)

  • Mexican Tortilla

  • Frozen Biryani,Cucumber Raita, etc

  • Tawa Pizza (50+ Reciepes - Veg and Nonveg)

  • Varieties of Chutneys (Up to 6 Varities)

  • Pizza, Sandwich, Burger and Salad Dressings and Sauces

  • Frozen French Fries

  • Flavored Iced Coffees (Up to 10 flavors)

  • Ice Blended Cold Beverages 50+ Flavours

  • Flavored Iced Tea (15 to 20 flavors)

  • Smoothies (20+ Flavours)

  • Natural Idly Batter, Natural Dosa Batter, Ragi Idli Batter, Ragi Dosa Batter, Aloo Parota, Rice Rava Idly Batter, Rava Dosa Batter, Vada Batter, and more.

  • Grab & Go-RTC, RTE, RTD