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An end-to-end Learning & Development solution provider specializing in the service and retail industry

Products Training

Product Knowledge: Understand what you are selling
Industry and Customer Knowledge: Understand what your customers are looking for
Competitor Analysis: Understand what your competitors are doing
Create winning product value statements

Food handling and Food Safety

Our food hygiene and safety training helps you to minimizes the chances of food contamination or food poisoning, protecting both the public and your reputation. We offer training to food processors, retailers, restaurants, caterers plus various organizations involved in the food supply chain

Project Management

Our hospitality and retail project management training equips learners with the knowledge and discipline required to effectively plan, manage, execute, and control ongoing projects. You’ll learn all about the most popular project management methodologies that help organizations to deliver successful projects

You will learn how to produce documents for review. Every step before, during and on completion of the project should be documented. This will ensure a solid record that you can refer to or verify during review. This training will provide you with the skills that you need in producing well documented project completion proofs.

Coffee Education

Making someone’s day a special day upon sharing our commitment that always been a friend to nature, A conversation with customers about Extraordinary flavor from exotic places

Train the Trainer Program

In this training you will learn

To apply Best Practices on preparing, delivering, managing a training session
To apply key concepts of grownup learning; learning styles; developmental stages and active and passive learning applies to the learner’s selected project or workshop
To design a training plan and incorporate instructional strategies based on instructional design models
To develop clear, concise learning objectives and goals
To use personal communication styles to impact training delivery and audience comprehension
To make concepts engaging using the latest industry techniques

Retail Management Training

In this training, you will learn an effective management practices and includes topics on team motivation, delegation, crisis handling, and performance monitoring

This training also helps you to understand Roles & Responsibilities on your company Customer Care strategy, Market Strategy and company goals, Process and standards, Empowering employees to “make it right”, Operational Excellence, etc.

Visual Merchandising

This training will helps you to become a confident Visual Merchandiser (VM) when you understand the key display principles which are featured on the learning modules. It will also help you to learn the most effective way to handle and dress mannequins, VM principles needed to create an eye catching store window, to increase a good understanding of how to create a “hot spot “or promotional area which can be linked to your store window and to find out the current VM techniques which are used by current retailers and how these can help to improve not only your profits but also create an inspiring shopping experience for your customer. RH also will teach you the linkage selling techniques and understand how to create an effective store layout which will help you to achieve great customer flow throughout your store.

Vendor Management

RH will teach you on vendor selection using an up-to-date risk profile and qualifying and segmenting based on category, location, and business unit, performing risk due diligence based on the nature of your vendor engagement, establishing terms and risk KPIs, understanding of risk assessment and audit status. It also helps you in managing performance and monitoring a matrix-based, single view of vendor and a data-driven incident model

Crisis Handling - Expect the Unexpected

You will learn on hazard assessment tools, risk assessment plan, business continuity planning, emergency action plan for retail food establishments and emergency procedures

Basic HR

This training season teach you administrative HR for beginners, HR operations, employee relations, recruitment and candidate selection, compensation and benefits, HR development and retention, health, safety, and security. Basic accounting and finance for HR professionals, etc.

Employee development program

In this program, we’ll first explore what employee development means, also examine various other facets of it, including its benefits to the organization, employee and various methods and approaches to going about developing employees to next level, In this training you will also learn on how to engage in learning and development activities and multi-tasking along with current job

Duty offense bench

You will learn on how disciplinary offence table should be used & applied as a guide when identifying the disciplinary actions, For example:

  • Breaches their contract of employment
  • Is discovered guilty of fraud, embezzlement or other kinds of illegal actions against the company
  • Is guilty of discriminatory behavior or harassment
  • Is guilty of unlawful or immoral behavior on the job, Is guilty of willful neglect of job responsibilities
  • Is discovered to have caused intentional damage to company’s assets, Continuously disregards company policy

Case Study - Food Safety In The Food Service Industry

In this module you will learn about different types of food safety hazards and how best to deal with them. You will also learn about food allergens and procedures that need to be followed when working with allergens and equipment used near allergens. You will also learn about incident management.

You will also learn about personal cleanliness guidelines that should be followed by employees in the food service. You will learn about how important cleanliness is to the food service. You will learn how a cleaning schedule list is put together and about correct sanitization.

Supervising and Handover

Handover-Takeover Principles
Controller Rotation: Swap position, One relieving controller, Two relieving controllers, and Other Rotation Types
Safety Issues
Prevention and Mitigation, People, Equipment (tools), and Procedures Accidents and Incidents
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Safety and Security

Security Awareness, Gender Safety, Stress and Trauma, Dealing with Aggression, Basic Life Support & AED, Field Safety Skills, Communication Skills, Ammunition & Weapon Awareness, Medical Accident Control, Hostage Survival, and Simulation Exercises

Cash Control

In this session you will learn:
Receivables Cash Management, Limitations of Cash Management, Cash Flow Management Techniques, Functions of Cash Management, Objectives of Cash Management, Payables Cash Management, and Content Cash Management

Inventory management

This course will feature:
Reduction in inventory investment, Improved customer satisfaction, Reduced cost of running the inventory management function, Understanding inventory categories in management, and Management of Stock Keeping Units in terms of their priorities

Audit Process

In this session you will learn:

  • Overview of the Regulations
  • Understand the role of processes in achieving business objectives
  • Assess how processes interact across your business
  • Write audit reports and lead on corrective action
  • How to Add value to your organisation through continual improvement

Barista, Supervisor & Manager Learning Program (Basic):

This provides the initial training for a newly joined barista on essential skills and knowledge required to the barista responsibility at any coffee shops/company. It is a highly effective learning experience for new joiners that quickly enhance confidence and competence in delivering best customer service.

Supervisor Learning Program:

This training focuses on the basics of team management; training new joiners, supervisory skills, floor supervision, POS & cash controller responsibilities, ensuring the operations.

QSR, Retail and Coffee Shop Manager:
This learning will help in effective management practices and includes topics on team motivation, delegation, crisis handling, performance monitoring, etc.