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A multidimensional hospitality consulting and development Company
Café, Restaurant, Airport Retail and FnB Services, Food Court, Food Delivery and Drive Thru
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R Hospitality Inc.

R Hospitality Inc. (RH) is an Indian multidimensional hospitality consulting & development company, Headquartered in silicon city, Bangalore, India, the company was founded in 2020.R Hospitality Inc. At RH we specialize in helping hospitality, retail and FMCG operators to understand their potential and then overcome the obstacles to reach it. Based in Bangalore India we have brought together a unique blend of talented people, with decades of experience in everything from QSR, fine dining, retail, coffee shops, International Airports, Cloud Kitchen, Delivery, Food Truck to FMCG.

  • RH Team: Leadership by Example, People Development, Proactive participation, Intuitive and sensitive, attentive.
  • RH Service: Attentive to details, Sincere, Consistent, Efficient, Proprietary interest.
  • RH Model: Modern Lifestyle, Stylish, Friendly & Involved, Stylish functionally, environmentally sensitive.
  • RH People: Skilled individuals, Empowered to deliver, Enjoy challenges, Consultative, Results Oriented.
  • RH Process: Sustainable platforms, Simplified systems, Adaptable globally.

RH Vision - Creating R Hospitality Inc. as an innovative and to be recognized domestically and globally as the first and the only multidimensional hospitality consulting and development Company.

Why Choose R Hospitality Inc ?

At RH Inc. we provide exclusive service for each project we undertake, and are therefore tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. With rich experience in retail & hospitality sectors, international airports business, shopping malls and city center makes us ideally suited to assist you with your business, from Feasibility study to Pre-Opening and Opening.

Asset Management Service

RH Hospitality Services offers professional Asset Performance Review, Company Asset Management

Brand Selection

Brief Feasibility Report. Identification and Selection of the operator of the choice.

Support Service

RH provides a wide range of value-added services, all of which contribute to improving the performance of every aspect of their business,

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#69/12, Intl Airport Road, Yelahanka, Bangalore - 560063, Karnataka, India
Email: [email protected],
Web: rhinc.in,
Phone:+91 TBA

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RH will, for 6 months post opening of all components, monitor and liaise with all the operators the overall performance of the asset to ensure efficiency in operations. Services here would include the marketing of the development, accounting and MIS processes and Personnel related requirements.

Supervision and Management

Provide the mandatory services to correctly supervise and manage the brand, ensuring the efficient operation of the facilities and optimizing the use of the facilities.

Pricing Structures

Recommend, establish and revise as appropriate the prices for all aspects of the brand operations, ensuring that the pricing strategy meets the business goals of the client.

Repairs and Maintenance

Maintain the premises in good condition and make recommendations for the necessary replacement, repair and renovation of the premises.

Risk Management

Provide guidelines, procedures and systems to ensure that the brand is correctly looking after health and safety risks, hygiene and personal injury requirements, as well as security and crisis management issues.

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RH provides a wide range of value-added services, all of which contribute to improving the performance of every aspect of their business, also, offers its clients with a dedicated support structure that facilitates efficiency across all aspects of business development and operations.


#69/12, Intl Airport Road, Yelahanka, Bangalore - 560063, Karnataka, India


+91 TBA

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