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We are able to work alongside company owners and operators using our expertise to guide and create a re-opening action plan that would include:

  • Facilitating implementation throughout the operation of the brand of the new set of standards – In order to meet the present market standards.
  • Developing a re-opening forecast and guiding in investment decisions to avoid liquidity risk, including inventory budgets, payroll costs and capital requirements if any.
  • Reviewing of additional elevated standards of sanitation, hygiene, and social distancing measures (Post Covid19 Pandemic) to ensure proper implementation-A key factor for re-opening success.
  • Creating a Detailed Marketing Plan for the re-opening including implementing efficient revenue and sales strategies.
  • Developing blueprints and enabling the smooth transition of the F&B Outlets in the post Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Customer relationship building and reputation management – through enhanced digital and social media marketing strategies.

Brand Selection

RH provides inputs and recommendations to ensure that proposed business contracts and management agreements are in the ownerships’ interest and aligned with their investment objectives.

  • Brief Feasibility Report.
  • Identification and Selection of the operator of the choice.

Concept and Blueprint Design

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RH shall review and co-ordinate the completion of both conceptual drawings and Graphic Design of the Project, as prepared by the Project Architect for the Investors approval including final master-planning, floor plans, elevation, structures, plumbing, systems, electrical, public area, facilities, shop, back of the house planning and operational flowchart to be provided in the business conforming to the agreed standards in between the investors and RH.

Detail Design and Technical Specifications

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RH shall participate in the selection of specialist consultants Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Kitchen, Lighting, etc. RH team shall review and comment on all detail designs and other recommended process as prepared by the Project Architect and other appointed consultants, engineers, interior designers, decorators and other specialists necessary for the preparation and approval of the construction drawings sufficient for the preparation of the tender documents or direct contractor negotiation.

RH shall provide detailed specifications required for the Fixture, Furniture & Equipment (FF&E) requirement, safety standards and operation of the Project and shall review the proposed construction drawings to ensure that all given specifications are implemented.

Project Outline

Based on the Positioning Statement and in coordination with the appointed Architect and interior designer, a detailed project outline related to the development of the business model will be prepared by RH for the Investors to review and approval, which includes but is not limited to the following information and/or revision:

  • Development of a food and beverage concept profile
  • Public area requirement
  • Back of the house requirement
  • Company amenities requirement
  • Operational work flow and staffing guide
  • Marketing analysis and sales plan

Support Service

RH provides a wide range of value-added services, all of which contribute to improving the performance of every aspect of their business, also, offers its clients with a dedicated support structure that facilitates efficiency across all aspects of business development and operations.

We retain the most skilled talent in the industry in order to provide your customers with the highest quality of service backed by the strength of some of the world’s best known brands. Furthermore, this broad depth of knowledge encompasses a numerous of areas, including Interior Design, Procurement of Company Operating Equipment and Operator search. Additionally, when you partner with RH, you capitalize upon a comprehensive network of information and expertise designed to maximize the long-term success of your property.

Construction Progress

RH will monitor and coordinate with the main contractor, project/Site manager and quantity evaluator, as well as other appointed consultants, for the overall development and construction progress of the Project on site to ensure compliance to the Positioning Statement and the Project Outline and Preliminary Design.

Technical Assistance

Project Positioning Statement

RH, with input from the Investor, shall prepare and present within month from the signature of this Agreement a clear Positioning Statement and Business Plan for the Project.

This Positioning Statement will set clear guidelines on the classification, site master planning, operating concepts, construction, architectural design, market positioning, and operating philosophy of the company and will include an initial 3 years sales projections, with the following information.

Estimated revenues, departmental profit and undistributed expense forecasts, non-operating cash and non-cash expense forecasts, cash flow forecast, various investment calculations and ratios.

During the development of the Project Positioning Statement, RH will work with the appointed project architect to develop a preliminary master plan on which to base concepts and financial forecasts.

Site Meetings

RH will attend site meetings and other consultant’s meetings where such meetings shall be chaired by the investors and/or Project team.

Pre-Opening Plan and Activities

RH, Based on its experience and expertise, prepare and supervise the pre-opening plan and timing required for the opening of the company. RH will not be directly responsible for the detailed development and execution of such plan, which will be the responsibility of the investors. Pre-Opening Activities shall commence approximately three months prior to the opening date of the Project and shall include the following:

  • Prepare all operational specifications of the business.
  • Participate in the budgetary process, selection and purchase of FF&E, Operating Equipment, IT, Software & Hardware and supplies
  • Supervise the development all standard operating procedures
  • Participate in the staff uniform selection
  • Recruit and train all employees
  • Supervise the development and implementation all Sales and Marketing activities, including market analysis, competitive positioning, and marketing plans
  • Implement all required reservation standards and global distribution
  • Supervise the development of the business and marketing collaterals and contractual sales’ agreement
  • Undertake to secure and make contractual arrangements with concessionaires, licensees, and other third party contractors
  • Prepare all required SOPs and training modules. Product and Soft Skills
  • Prepare and monitor the pre-opening budget and all expenses.
  • Supervise the preparation and execution of a program of pre-marketing activities and opening of all properties.
  • Prepare complete operational check, department wise checklist to make sure easy follow-ups.
  • Prepare all items HSN & SAC code list.
  • Participate in menu product naming and MRP finalizing process.
  • Prepare portion chart for all menu products.

Asset Management

RH Hospitality Services offers professional Asset Performance Review, Company Asset Management and other consultancy advisory services to Company owners, operators, investors and investors or those wishing to become involved in the company and hospitality industry.

Our business model has below mentioned distinct disciplines and through guidance and support we drive the performance of the company:

  • Commercial- everything to do with maximizing the Total Revenue of Business, Meeting and Events Yield, Sales and Marketing plans for Food & Beverage business.

  • Finance- the focus is on efficiency through Benchmarking performance, reviewing every cost line in the account, P&L Account, payroll and knowing when to invest to drive revenue.

  • Property- directing the company maintenance function, preventative maintenance, capital planning and project support.

  • Operations- prioritizing what needs to be done, coordinating activity, setting expectations, managing change, driving performance and getting results.
With an increasingly competitive environment and rapidly changing trends, the need to maximize hospitality assets is critical and we deliver a comprehensive range of services. We at RH Hospitality adapt our services to meet your specific goals, needs and assets. RH Inc Asset Management includes both pre-opening and post-opening phases.

Technical Assistance

RH will monitor and coordinate with the main contractor, project/Site manager and quantity evaluator, as well as other appointed consultants, for the overall development and construction progress of the Project on site to ensure compliance to the Positioning Statement and the Project Outline and Preliminary Design.


At the conclusion of the study, RH will have produced the following deliverables for the Client

  • A Feasibility Study which has reviewed the market for the proposed development and determined the optimum mix of services
  • A Positioning Statement for the proposed development in keeping the focus on the positioning required and related facilities which addresses the market and the opportunities within this market
  • LOI and Term Sheet from a Shortlisted Operators/ Investor
  • Signing up with Investors/Operator of Choice